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-Member of International Institute of Conservation

-Founder member of 2PMA (Permanence and Promotion of Art Craft)

-Regular exhibitor at the Toulouse  antiquarian fair since 1997

-Teacher for the master of Art , at the university of Toulouse

-Teacher at FA (courses for furniture makers and interiors designers)

-Présentation of conférences (Rotary club, Lion’s club, INSA,  Ingres Museum, popular university...)


Prize and distinction

Press review

mise en place du tableau restauré


-Museum of Muret, of augustins

- René Pous Fondation

-Church of ’Ox, of Cépet, of Sioniac...

-Chamber of  Commerce of Toulouse

-Court of Toulouse

-Insurance companies

-Private collectors

Louis XVIII, Cour d'Appel de Toulouse

Church of  Cépet

Court of  Toulouse


Atelier Isabelle Lebret
Restauration de tableaux - Peintre portraitiste
33, rue Cayssials 31150 Gratentour         Tél.: 05-61-82-90-30